Superhive Malabar Wildflower Honey, 300 grams

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From Malabar with Love: Known as the “Garden of Spices” since 3000 BC, Malabar is home to rare and exotic spices, herbs and plants that are used across the world to create great tasting food and potent natural remedies. Our bees forage this blessed terrain to produce delicious, nutrient-rich honey and at the same time help in the conservation of this abundantly biodiverse ecosystem by acting as chief pollinators. Every single harvest of the precious Superhive Malabar Wildflower Honey is put through rigorous multi-step internal and third-party testing to prove their purity and authenticity. Only the best honey makes it to the bottle and each bottle is traceable back to the source using the unique batch code mentioned on the label. SUPERHIVE is redefining the relationship between the two most influential species on Earth – humans and bees. Activities: 1. Harnessing the potential of beehives through novel techniques to nourish the body, mind and soul. 2. Promoting the conservation of natural ecosystems through sustainable and progressive beekeeping.
Honey Made by Bees, Not by a Lab, Or in a Kitchen
Universally Praised and Admired Source of Healing
Extremely Delicious and Multipurpose Superfood
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Keya Malabar Chicken Pickle, 270g

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KEYA brings the authentic Malabari recipe for the ultimate chicken pickle. Made with the juiciest and handpicked chicken chunks and special spices mixed to perfection, the Malabar Chicken pickle will be the perfect accompaniment for every meal.

Malabar Chicken pickle contains only Halal chicken
Constitutes 40% of spicy, juicy and delicious boneless chicken ht and less than 4% salt making it extremely delicious and spicy
No artificial flavors or colours added
Has a shelf life of 12 months