Cruiser Oil Filled Radiator 9 Fins With an Inbuilt PTC Fan 1200/1600/2400 watt

Cruiser Oil Filled Radiator 9 Fins With an Inbuilt PTC Fan 1200/1600/2400 watt
Price: ₹7,200.00
MRP: ₹11,000.00 - ₹7,200.00

(as of Oct 02,2023 07:39:22 UTC – Details)

Cruiser C.S.O Oil heaters are the best option for heating yup the large areas without burning oxygen. Oil heaters provides heating through convection method in which the oil gets heated up which in turn heats up the surrounding uniformly and consistently. Cruiser oil heater comes in two sizes 9 fins and 11 fins both hvaing an inbuilt PTC fan of 400 watts. These oil heaters can also provide quick heating with the help of inbuilt PTC fan heater of 400 watts, which is great if one needs instant heating or spot heating.The oil we use in these heaters are high grade oil which last for a very long period without having any need to replace them or refill them. These heaters are ISI certified with dual thermostat which provides complete protection when it comes to safety of cruiser customers. These heaters are energy efficient as they comes with 3 heat settings which can be set with 2 electric switches and a heat setting knob therefore you can set the temperature according to your needs. For 9 fins temperature can go upto 2400 watts and for 11 fins temperature can go upto 2900 watts. It comes with a long 1.60 meters three pin plug protective wire which is long enough to place the heater near your bed, couch or any other relaxing area. This heater does not burns any oxygen therefore one can completely run this heater even in a complete enclosed area without having any fear of suffocation. These oil heaters are specially designed so as to look sleek and stylish and matches with all kinds of interiors.They are ISI certified, environment friendly, long lasting, energy efficient, soundless and comes with dual thermostat, cord winder, 4 castor wheels and complete 2 years onsite warranty.

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