Xtreme Infrared Room Heater H1 1800 Watts White

Xtreme Infrared Room Heater H1 1800 Watts White
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Xtreme Infrared Radiant heater surface is made of finned type special aluminium alloy with unique technology. Heater uses aero heating element and has very high electricity-heat efficiency ratio. Heating panel is covered by special Nano painting and infra rays is created after warm-up. Xtreme Infrared Radiant heater produces heating like sun rays, it gives an effect of sun rising in the room. The advantages of clean, safe, comfortable, healthy and reliable warming is delivered with the heater, becoming a new trend of healthy & comfortable warming style. Next generation heating solution challenging all traditional heating devises Features * Comfortable: No wind, light or odour is caused during the running, so the indoor air is clean without floating dust. * Energy-saving: It has high heat generation efficiency and good heat radiation effect, controls the temperature intelligently, and saves power and energy. * Reliable: The built quality is very good. The service life is up to 20 years * Good for health: Good physical therapy health care for human body. The heat radiant and infrared heating panel can change body micro circulation, cell organization under skin producing resonance, clearing the barrier of micro circulation, adjusting and balancing nervous system promoting metabolism, increasing body physical power Advantages * Even heat, Fast heating, good heat conductance. * Best solution for heating indoor & outdoors. * Space heating, easy to focus heat on a certain spot within radiant range. * Low carbon, Energy- efficient & eco-friendly. * No noise, no wind, no smell, no light & no dust * Wall, Ceiling & concealed mounted. * Easy installation, maintenance free, slim & light sleek design. * Make indoor plants flourish. * Make indoor air clean & sterilize due to far infra rays disinfection antiseptic effect. * Far infra ray acts on human body directly, makes people feel like sunshine warm.
Xtreme Infrared Radiant heater produces IR radiation which gives heating just like sun rays, it gives an effect of sun rising in the room. It does not burn oxygen, thus giving very comfortable heating and can be used very comfortably in closed rooms
Xtreme Infrared Radiant heater delivers a comfortable radiant heat warming the people and objects in its path, instead of wasting energy heating the air.
Great for use in Dining areas, Living rooms, Bedrooms, Patios, Gardens, Balconies, Outdoor rooms and Coffee shops, Banquets, open lawns and high end houses/farm house.
Premium, Sleek & beautiful design gels with most modern, traditional & luxury interiors.Suitable for upto 200 Square Feet area. Ceiling or wall mounted fixed installation type heater.