Continental Coffee SPECIALE Pure Instant Coffee Powder Jar , 200gm

Price: ₹369.00
MRP: ₹390.00 - ₹369.00

(as of May 30,2023 18:57:04 UTC – Details)

Continental SPECIALE is 100% Pure instant coffee is processed from carefully selected plantation Arabica and Robusta beans. The beans are processed through the agglomeration method which produces granulated coffee. The extra chunky granules lock the aroma and flavour of the coffee beans and ensure a rich coffee experience. This rare blend of coffee is made for the serious coffee connoisseur.

Granulated coffee which locks the aroma and flavor
Made from carefully selected arabica and robusta beans
Blended to perfection for a refreshing experiece
Fresh and rich in taste and real coffee satisfaction

Continental Speciale Pure Instant Coffee Granules 200gm Pouch

Price: ₹335.00
MRP: ₹550.00 - ₹335.00

(as of May 30,2023 18:57:04 UTC – Details)

Continental Speciale 100% Pure Instant Coffee, made to impress the coffee connoisseur in you. 
This is a blend of locally sourced, finest quality Arabica and Robusta beans which lend a delightfully sweet and earthy flavour, rich aroma and smooth taste to the coffee. Just add the instant coffee powder to a hot cup of water/milk, sugar to taste and there you have it, a perfect cup of coffee. This brew is not only extremely flavourful but also very convenient and easy to enjoy.  

From sourcing (Planting & Harvesting) to production (Roasting & Grinding), our coffee is 100% Made in India. Our motto is to give an Indian touch to the world of coffee and satiate every coffee lover by giving them the most wonderful and refreshing experience with the finest coffee has to offer.