RAB Mild Steel 6-Wheels Fix Roller Moving Ball Casters Wheel Plate (Code:- NP-42, Fix, 1 Set of 4 PCS)

Price: ₹205.00
MRP: ₹380.00 - ₹205.00

(as of Aug 13,2022 19:03:05 UTC – Details)

  • Product Details: 
    ✔Caster wheel easy rolling. 
    ✔Wheels give Excellent Grip on the Surface. 
    ✔Longer life & outstanding aesthetics. 
    ✔Super heavy design & constructions. 
    ✔The sphere caster can roll on all kinds of floors and don’t make any noise. 

    ✔Inner rolling balls bearing can help the wheel swivel 360 degrees freely. 
    ✔Rollerblade steel material, heavy-duty. 
    ✔These wheels have strong load-bearing. 

    Product Specifications: 

  • Smooth-rolling and premium materials can keep your floors protected from scratches. 
    This kind of brake on the wheels is different from others. It makes friction through the contact of the wheel, and thus effective braking. 
  • Compact size, widely use. 
    Real material, bearing real. 
    Easy to install and genuine. 
    Purchase at ease, no worry after the sale. 

    ✔Grip neck stem locks into a socket located inside the furniture and is easily inserted and dismounted. 
    ✔All you need is a screwdriver or an appropriate size drill to drill a hole. Then a mallet or hammer to help pound the mental socket into the wood table legs. Last, put the caster into the installed sleeve.

Super heavy design & construction, Wheels gives excellent grip on the surface, Longer life & outstanding Aesthetics.
Package Content:- Set of 1 Ball Castor Wheel-Plate 4 Pcs.
Package Content:- Set of 1 Ball Castor Wheel-Plate 4 Pcs.
Use:-moveable Table, chair, Piano, Fridge, Washing Machine, Cooler.