Enamic UK @Model K-11 Heat Convector Heavy Weight Approx 2Kg Copper Wire 2000 watt Safety Smart Room Heater Heat Blower || Room Heater || XD@116

Price: ₹1,099.00
MRP: ₹1,899.00 - ₹1,099.00

(as of Dec 01,2022 10:38:50 UTC – Details)

A fan heater is a heater that works by using a fan to pass air over a heat source (e.g. a heating element). This heats up the air, which then leaves the heater, warming up the surrounding room. They can heat an enclosed space such as a room faster than a heater without fan, but, like any fan, create audible noise.
This heater is made using one among the latest technology for quick heating of any room. It comes with adjustable temperature control option which allows you to choose from different heat settings. The material used is one among the highest grade for good quality performance and high efficiency, Package Content: 1 Fan Heater, 1 Manual
Quality check as per International Standard, Overheating Protection, Product made as per follows all norms by department High Durability, High efficiency, High Performance, ISO 9001:2015 certified.
Easy for mobility, Noiseless operation and auto thermal cut out, Extra Grip Handle, Adjustable Stand.
Do not worry if you experience some burning smell when you run your room heater for the 1st time. This is due to the motor varnish getting heated for the 1st time. The problem should not recur in subsequent usage, 100% make in India.

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